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(no spoilers but tell me...your thoughts on Deltarune)

Posted by heyitsmyles - 1 month ago

Did you like the next chapter of Deltarune?

Do you plan on making fan art?

Did you replay the first chapter?

Did you experience game crashes or bugs?

Me personally, I saw the teaser trailer and I immediately joked to a friend saying, "and MatPat is already making his next Deltarune theory video." He wasn't impressed with my joke, lol.

(I am currently away from my PC and won't be able to play until Monday. So please; absolutely no spoilers.)


Comments (3)

i played it for 4 hours straight, took a small break, then finished the rest in an hour
this game is good
wasn't able to replay chapter 1 cause i don't have a lot of time
i thought this chapter was really cool
the setting was awesome and the jokes were very funny
im excited to see where the next 5(!!!) chapters go
oh and the music fuckin bops too
i wanna say more about it but that's all the non spoiler stuff i got
i didn't experience any bugs or anything so that's good

(of course toby being toby there's lots of cool secret stuff and ive heard of some crazy story things... but i've said too much already)

i hope you enjoy the game and may your social media be spoiler free
chapter 2 is about 5 hours so get comfy/schedule accordingly, have fun :D

Yes, its just as charming as the first

Yes, there are some quality characters and scenes

Kinda, I didn't have to, I had a Half finished "fight instead of pacify" run and I wanted to see if it had an effect on chapter 2

No crashes from me

And this chapter leaves alot to theorize about, but you can really find a theory with any little bit of info.

Really fun chapter though. I'd recommend not looking up anything at all until you've beaten it because people are always super quick to put stuff in thumbnails. I would have been spoiled if I didnt tear through it in one night.

Did you like the next chapter of Deltarune?
Yes, Excellent

Do you plan on making fan art?
Doodled a random boss already but I'd like to make something bigger.

Did you replay the first chapter?
Not *yet* but I have plans to when I have a little more time.

Did you experience game crashes or bugs?
Couldn't get my controller to work but that might've been a me problem.

I'm already digging into interesting theories that mostly agree with my own thoughts but expand on them. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story.