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Posted by heyitsmyles - 6 days ago

I'm 27 and the most exciting part of my day will be the pizza I will order later. I'm not kidding. I'd rather be drawing commissions all day if that's the case.

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Posted by heyitsmyles - 7 days ago

I might get a pizza...and eat the whole thing by myself cuz that's how I roll...oy...woohoo

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Posted by heyitsmyles - 2 weeks ago

heyitsmyles - Piczel.tv

gonna be drawing some betilla from rayman

I will also be willing to draw commissions on stream if time and interest permits

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Posted by heyitsmyles - 1 month ago


come watch me work on some OK KO fanart!

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Posted by heyitsmyles - November 28th, 2018

Results of the stream!

Had some hiccups during recording; such as drivers breaking and needed to take a meal break.

Meal break: 0:38 - 1:48
Small break: 2:55 - 3:06
Driver Malfunction: 3:53 - 4:03

Posted by heyitsmyles - November 22nd, 2018

The addition of multiple characters, highly detailed environments/backgrounds can have a potential of increasing the total of your purchase based on complexity, time, research, etc.

Terms & Conditions:

Payments must be made in full and must use PayPal's invoices. Do not send payments directly to my PayPal address due to PayPal's new rules on digital goods and service policies. I can't accept Google Wallet payments as the service isn't available in Canada.


You agree that the artwork created for this commission is not to be altered in any fashion unless written permission by the Artist is given. (ex: cutting out the signature, cropping, flipping the image, masking details/characters/watermarks, etc.)


No porn, I will not draw sexually explicit drawings. These will be automatically declined. Sexy clothing or pinups are acceptable. Sexually explict drawings are available through my alternate 18+ only accounts; inquire about those at your own risk.


Kink or fetish commissions; If I deem the commission too risque for my page, the commission will be sent to the client in a private manner. Certain fetishes/kinks will not be drawn. (EX: scat, watersports, excessive blood/gore, etc.) You are not allowed to share the commissioned work unless the Artist is okay with it being posted publicly. Sharing between friends over private networks is fine as along as the people you are sharing the commissioned work follows the same rules listed.


No rude, vulgar, hateful, illegal, disrespectful or offensive requests. Excessive gore and blood will not be drawn. These will be automatically declined.


I own the artwork that is created. The characters being depicted still belong to their respective owners. Private use of the client's commissions are acceptable, such as avatars or posting to the client's social media blog (which requires a source link or reference to my art pages/blogs or my name "Myles Fontana" or "heyitsmyles"). Clients don't have to ask for my permission to use the images in these fashions but it doesn't hurt to ask. Private useage of a commission for things such as your computer's wallpaper is completely acceptable. However, if the client wishes to make their commission into merchandise. Please contact me immediately.


Commercial use of the commissioned artwork without my permission is strictly not allowed. If a client wants to commission me for commercial use project, notify me first before making a request. By default, commissions are for personal use. Clients that are caught will be reported unless proper permission has been given.


Private commissions are available but they must abide by all that is mentioned in these terms and conditions.


The client's commission can always be updated or changed but within reason. If a client bought a commission and wishes to upgrade, they only pay the remainder left. I will provide updates of your commission so that any errors can be addressed promptly and to ensure the client's complete satisfaction. 


Clients must be thorough with their request. They should be specific and have plenty of references ready. If a client ordered a coloured commission, please include coloured references as well. Previously made commissions or gifted art of your characters from other artists are good examples if the client doesn't have a colour reference of their own. 


Clients must have their request ready to go before they order. If I end up having to redraw large portions of the commission or they ask for something completely different. Penalty charges may apply.


Clients are allowed to make up to five creative suggestions to your piece. Excessive badgering of the artist may result in additional fees for each further editing request. There will be no refunds given after five requests. 


Be polite and respect the artist. Please be patient as I will be busy with commissions and IRL stuff. I have to review the client's request first before I take a job. 


The complexity of your commission may increase the cost of your commission. Keep this in mind when ordering. Characters with a lot of finer details, fully rendered scenes, multiple characters interacting, and so on.


Be fully aware that I can choose to deny the client's request at any time. I have full right to not give unreasonable, disrespectful clients that has paid a refund or finish their commission. If I have not completed the client's commission in a satisfactory amount of time, a partial refund of 75% will be made or they will receive a free upgrade to their order. With provided evidence from the client in the case that I didn't provide status reports or sketches proving I at least worked on their commission, a full refund will be issued.

Posted by heyitsmyles - November 21st, 2018


My name is Myles and this is the place I heard about in the early 2000s and rarely visited.

I came here because I heard this place is pretty damn cool (and I'm one of those scared Tumblr is gonna collapse).

I come here baring artwork; you'll mostly see cute designs here but I like to dabble in A LOT of things. I'm actually trying to animate more. I recently rekindled my love for graphic design. My friends inspire me to make more music. I love to create character designs. I have a full time job as a supervisor at a retail job but commissions are open indefinitely. I'd share my commissions price list but I've exhausted my image limit for the day. Here's hoping that I make this my second home as an artist. I've had a very warm welcome here and I thank you so much for being so kind. I am honestly not sure how this website works yet. 

See you soon!