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Some sick animation, man. Nice to see you doing more again.

My favourite underground anime.

Very impressive 3D artwork! Music is also fitting; very relaxing. Eyecandy, indeed.

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Congrats on making $1.14 Million on the kickstarter so far! This went from a funass game to getting a fullass game. Shit, officially HYPED.

This is a FUN and addictive game with pretty solid controls. Thanks for sharing!

Post Update Feedback:

The game is much more playable now; I was able to complete the game. However, I still have some thoughts that are preventing an even better score.

It could be the intensity of the notes, the size of the screen, the animations in the background but I found that there was a lot of visual noise was making hard for me to focus on getting a higher score. I think this could be fixed if the background animations were more subtle or slower.

The segment at the beginning before the first driver is a bit odd to me; where it's just the first four notes and it displays the Swipe action afterwards. Either it should be made a penalty free period to test the button inputs or just removed.

And lastly, I think if the controls were just a tad tighter; I think this would be a much more solid experience. I still found that the note detection was slightly off. Which was a bit distracting in the harder levels.

Pre-Update Feedback:

Music continues to play even after you failed the first five or so notes. The hit detection of the notes feels out of sync. Wasn't able to get anything but bad. I know this was part of the Flash Forward Jam but on my end? The game doesn't work. I tried it on my PC and on my phone. I get the same control issues and the game has the same glitch in which the music keeps playing. And, the game will run even if you don't swipe right to start the rap.

Music and art assets were good. Game takes a solid minute to load but the lack of a loading screen makes the game feel even more unstable. I would give a higher score if the game was fixed.

BrandyBuizel responds:

The full song is now playable, sorry about that. Also the key presses/hit detection on the arrows is vastly improved and much more generous so I hope you'll try the game again :)

I regrettably had to rush publishing the game to make it in as part of the Flash Forward Jam, but I've spent the last few days cleaning up the game to be in a more fun/complete form so please enjoy!

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Dude, this song is so bangin'. It reminds me of all the cool music I used to dance to on DDR growing up. I love this fast paced, happy hardcore shit!

SPURME responds:

Thanks :)

I have been in the market for some fresh new artists to listen to. You have some talent, holy shit. Consider yourself followed. Keep it up!

SPURME responds:

Omg Thanks alot :D

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I absolutely adore her~

Congrats for getting front paged again! I already like these two a lot!

Congrats on getting front paged again!

ToastieTV responds:

Thank you so much. Its crazy how much its happened lately

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